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"Greer Sinclair who plays the role of Baby Doll is nothing short of a revelation on stage.  Seeming as though she may have just stepped out of a golden era film set in the Mississippi Delta, Sinclair embodies classical elements mixed with a dreamy beauty only seen in eras gone by.  A singer/songwriter and performer herself Sinclair carries the production through emotional highs and bittersweet lows with a grace rarely seen in off-broadway theater [...] The ease and cadence of her singular performance creates the impression Baby Doll may have been constructed personally for her by Tennessee Williams. "

The Abbot Skinny, 2018

"I'D KILL TO BE HER MAN" SINGLE & music video review

"Hailing from Los Angeles, multi-talented artist Greer Sinclair is a culmination of multiple unlikely aesthetics. The filmmaker, musician, and performance artist tours only a smattering of tracks under her belt. Yet she has already established a unique sound which combines elements of traditional outlaw blues with glamorous gothy pop and hint of post-punk edge. Her flair for the theatrics shines through best on her latest video for song “I’d Kill to Be Her Man”. The vintage inspired video was directed, styled, and edited by Sinclair herself, and looks as if it’s cut straight from a classic film noir."

Phluff Magazine, 2018

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